5 April 2020
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Ce e rău cu economia?

Dan Șelaru zice că economiștii bat câmpii fiindcă fac prea multă politică și prea puțină știință… “în special termodinamică”.
Dan Popa îi răspunde afirmând că economiștii păcătuiesc tocmai prin tributul adus matematicii.

Sunt de acord cu Dan Popa. Ceea ce nu m-a împiedicat să-l invit pe Dan Șelaru să țină într-o seară o prelegere studenților mei interesați de subiect (o să anunț pe blog evenimentul, poate sunteți interesați).

Pentru cei interesați de subiect, din Ludwig von Mises, Theory and History:

Epistemologically the distinctive mark of what we call nature is to be seen in the ascertainable and inevitable regularity in the concatenation and sequence of phenomena. On the other hand the distinctive mark of what we call the human sphere or history or, better, the realm of human action is the absence of such a universally prevailing regularity. Under identical conditions stones always react to the same stimuli in the same way; we can learn something about these regular patterns of reacting, and we can make use of this knowledge in directing our actions toward definite goals. Our classification of natural objects and our assigning names to these classes is an outcome of this cognition. A stone is a thing that reacts in a definite way. Men react to the same stimuli in different ways, and the same man at different instants of time may react in ways different from his previous or later conduct. It is impossible to group men into classes whose members always react in the same way.

This is not to say that future human actions are totally unpredictable. They can, in a certain way, be anticipated to some extent. But the methods applied in such anticipations, and their scope, are logically and epistemologically entirely different from those applied in anticipating natural events, and from their scope.