19 September 2020
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Esenţialul despre Bitcoin

Vă recomand să citiţi neapărat articolul scris azi de bunul meu prieten Nikolay Gertchev pe mises.org. Este mai bun decât tot ce am citit despre Bitcoin. Un paragraf din final merită reluat aici: In trying to understand whether the increased popularity of bitcoins is reflecting the emergence of a new money, we have actually come to a fundamental distinction between virtual and material media of exchange. The latter are technology-independent and matter-embodied; the former are technology-embodied and matter independent. This distinction is not trivial as it emphasizes the great advantage that material money offers: it is good enough for anybody and at any time, and is independent from individual choices with respect to investment, allocation and maintenance of capital. Virtual monies could be programmed to reproduce some aspects of material, whether commodity or fiat, monies. However, they will always be dependent on specific capital investment decisions. The latter reduce their …

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