18 September 2020
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Cântarea drepturilor omului

Mulţumesc Filip, pentru ştirea asta. I’m speechless.

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) intends to launch a negotiated procedure for the creation and implementation of an artistic concept for the presentation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in Poems.

The FRA is looking to contract a poet or other experienced individual (or group of individuals), or organisation, to devise a poetic composition based on the articles of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, along with the organisation of an accompanying performance.

This “Charter in Poems” (working title) should be composed in English (literary language). The piece will then be performed at the Fundamental Rights Conference 2010, to take place in Brussels on 7 December. This performance should be approximately 80 minutes in length, and should be supported by multimedia elements and/or other artistic performances (dance, music, etc.). It should be a group performance that reflects the diversity of the EU. The performance itself need not be limited to just English, and indeed is encouraged to include other official languages of the EU.